Friday, February 14, 2014

The sign placement laws change in Los Angeles County!

Due to neighbor complaints and a proliferation of signs, the City of Los Angeles has begun enforcing the sign placement laws already on the books.
Signs are not allowed in the public right-of-way due to liability issues. However, the City of Los Angeles has casually allowed such placement with written permission of the property owner, and as long as there were no complaints.

Neighbor complaints have arisen due to the placement of signs in the parkway (area between sidewalk and curb) and due to the number of signs placed advertising one property.
In order to avoid citations and seizure of signs:
* Only place your signs(open house or others) on private property.
* Avoid placing signs in the parkway.
* Do not place signs on any public property, including medians, sidewalks, and utility poles( garage sale, lost puppies, birthday party...).
For a copy of the actual wording from the Los Angeles Municipal Code Click Here, Section 28.04 & 67.02 pertaining to off-site signage. 

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